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Membership has its privileges, don't miss out!

You can use the buttons below or call/text our Secretary, Cadet @ 918-350-3969

Thank you for inquiring about membership in Three Rivers!

 We look forward to meeting you and your retriever very soon.
Friends, Fellowship and Dogs!

Currently, in order to vote in Three Rivers club business including elections, you must be a Three Rivers (local) club member and an HRC (national) club member in good standing.

Three Rivers Membership

For Three Rivers HRC membership, please use the button below to submit an inquiry. Annual membership to the local club is $25 per person which includes access to a wealth of knowledge and training opportunities.

Hunting Retriever Club Membership

For HRC membership use the button below. Follow the membership instructions on the HRC website. Annual memberships start at $25 for the national organization and includes a subscription to the Hunting Retriever magazine.



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